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Events Partner Team

Events Partner is made up of an infallible team of enthusiastic and highly-experienced event specialists, who have developed strong portfolio in event props and equipment supply, event consultancy, event decoration, floral works and wedding planning.

Created with the mind
“For Planner, By Planner”,

Events Partner combines expertise from different aspects of event service to help event planning company to create a captivating event experience for their clients.

We Tell Your Story


Started from a humble photo booth rental service, our company was originally known as Facebooth Media. As party lovers ourselves, we wanted to bring joy and preserve the memorable moments at parties and events. With this in mind, we started our business by providing premium photo booth rental for parties and events. Each digital photographic printing unit comes with amusing props and generates instant photo printout for event guests to take home with.

With a strong passion for events, our in-house event decoration service Wind Chime Event was born. Wind Chime Event provides themed event design, personalized event decoration and props rental for corporate events, wedding events, birthday parties and many more. With an eye for visual perfection, we are dedicated to create beautiful event presentation for our corporate and individual clients.

As a leading event production house, we have also established our own florist Spring Patels to accommodate our clients’ event needs for floral decoration. Today, Facebooth Media, Wind Chime Event, Glu Wedding and Spring Patels are rebranded into Events Partner to provide an integrated solution for event planners and event management companies.

Whether you are a budding event company or event venue like hotels or restaurant, we are happy to assist you with pre-event consultation, back-end event production support or professional wedding planning service. At Events Partner, we are always here “For Planners, By Planners”.

EVENTS PARTNER We Make Your Dream Events Come True


Provide a meaningful, valuable and atmosphere wedding event and occasion. Wedding is not a performance is a party.


To become Malaysia leading Event
and Wedding Supply

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